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icons by indiansummersky

i) comment when taking.
ii) credit in keywords - credit can go to either indiansummersky or ikoned, depending on your preference.
iii) please don't hotlink - it puts a strain on my already strained photobucket account. right click and save to your own server.
iv) any graphics from here are not for altering.
v) icons and such can be used on other sites, provided you give credit.
vi) don't pass anything here off as your own.
vii) don't take any graphics from my personal LJ and don't use anything from layouts here (for example, the header used at the moment).

i) all entries are archived in the memories - have a look in there if you're after something in particular.
ii) feel free to friend this journal, but more often than not, I will not friend back. since all entries are public, it seems useless.
iii) if you are a resource maker and come across something of yours which I haven't credited for, please reply at the most present post. I try to credit whenever I can, but i've had some brushes on my PC for years and have lost track of where they came from.

ohmisery (icons and other wonderful creations)

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